Call for Abstracts

sociologické reflexe | sociological reflection

The main theme for this year’s conference is the various forms of reflexivity. Reflexivity represents a classic tool of sociological thinking about the nature of the social and of its own scientific practice. We would like to create a space for inner reflexivity – for the relation of sociology to itself. The conference will allow for discussion of the state of sociological thinking and research, the presentation of the latest findings, progressive innovations as well as dead ends. We consider it equally important to explore our own sociological position in networks of relationships and the position of sociological knowledge in public culture – outer reflexivity. We want to look at how sociology enters the processes of construction of societal problems, and how the relationship of the academic sociological field to other scientific disciplines and other fields (economic, political, educational, etc.) is currently formed. Last, but not least, we want to focus on the role of reflexivity as a theoretical concept that allows us to grasp the character of modern subjectivity in the context of transforming social structures. What is the role of reflexivity in sociology and in the lived reality of an era described as post-factual and post-reflexive?
We welcome contributions not only related to the main topic of the conference, but also to other areas of your current scientific interests, for example (but not exclusive to):

  • Traditional and new forms of social inequality, stratification and segregation
  • Transformation of social identities and relationships
  • Social consequences of environmental crisis and climate change
  • Current forms of politics, governance and political participation
  • Teaching sociology at universities and beyond
  • Innovation in sociological research

The aim of the conference, beyond the sharing of information on current scientific work, is the interconnection of the sociological community inward and outwardly. Accordingly, we would also like to open this year’s conference to the community of international researchers working at domestic universities and research institutions. Their work is an integral part of local sociology. The conference languages are therefore Czech and English.

The abstract and session proposal submissions were terminated on July 30, 2020 (extended deadline). You will be informed of the acceptance by August 30, 2020.